With the upcoming release of her debut album Melaleuca Naomi Keyte has a few of the tracks to share.

The first Undertow builds on gently plucked guitar and keyte’s distinct voice to pull the listener in with its irresistible instrumentation blossoming to include hushed, brushed drums, steady bass and atmospheric, flitting backing miscellanea, amounting to an alluring track rich with a sense of the melancholic and mysterious.

Company is the second single from Naomi Keyte’s forthcoming debut album. This track was recorded and produced by Nick Huggins with the help of Ben TD (Open Swimmer).

Limitless takes the band into distinctly pop territory, while still remaining spacious. The song was written on the Fleurieua Peninsular, a place that is open, rugged and exposed and at the same time salty, warm and familiar, and it speaks to the Australia we all know and love and is accompanied by a new music video.


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