Well hello, it has been awhile hasn’t it? Now for the many of you worrying what has become of Susy Blue over the past 6 months can breathe a sigh of relief – no I haven’t succumbed to the dreaded 27 club that rockstars like myself fall victim to. Yeah – suck that Saturn, I am now past your return! I did not enjoy being 27 in 2011 despite the fact that it rhymed – EVEN though it was a lovely year for me and my swell band. Let’s reminisce…… (briefly i promise)

We released our first single Burning Star/Moose Hooves with a celebration in May (oh my god that was a year ago!) at the lovely Grace Darling. Twas a fun night and all the long hours in the studio and sewing and glueing homemade CD covers payed off!

Then a few months later we unleashed our whole debut album, Curly Girl! An even more fun night at the Northcote Social club with even better costumes and fairy lights. I still hadn’t learnt my lesson from the last gig and took on the task of sewing and screen printing Susy Blue carry bags….they sold like hot cakes despite the fact my mother ho-hummed my sewing skills.






We even went on tour to promote it. Here’s me in Adelaide before our gig, stoked to hear my poster was in the men’s toilet.












Then I took a holiday to India for two months! Holy cow. That was intense. And wonderful. Here’s me learning some ragas. And exploring the deserted ashram the Beatles once graced and wrote some of the White Album (my favourite).

Then I hid under the rock of my music room to participate in FAWM – February Album Writing Month.  For those who are blissfully unaware, it’s a rather American internet forum in which you have to write and record a song every two days for the merry month of Feb. You can listen to my demos and tell me if any are keepers — although I cringe at a few of them (especially the first one, don’t listen to that!)


Since then… what can I say? More rock-hiding in my music room, doing the odd grant application interspersed with musings like “where do I want to go next musically?” and “would trip-hop work with ragas?” and “what are those chords Ravel uses that sounds amazing?”

We even went to Thailand on a family holiday, which was luxurious – until the last day when an earthquake hit near Sumatra and brought on a scary tsunami warning with us running around wondering whether to flee for higher ground. Luckily there was only a about an hour in which I thought I was maybe going to die, when an hour had passed since the earthquake and the roosters were crowing uncontrollably……….. but then we were evacuated……and then nothing happened! Phew! I reckon I can get a song out of that!

SO – that brings us to the hear and now. Susy Blue is nearly ready to emerge from the rock, armed with new songs, with the full regalia, with rumours of more recording…. I can’t wait! Watch this space!!

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