Matt J. Ward and his band, The Rising Sons, perform their hit song, “Terlingua. “Terlingua” was written by Ward about the famous Texas ghost town Terlingua on the border. Ward visited the sleepy ghost town, at the suggestion of a horseback ride outfitter. After spending a couple of nights, Ward wrote a song about his experience in the Ghost Town.



Footage of band performance by Made Live.
Footage of Terlingua by Case Southerland.
Edited by Case Southerland.
Video created with Windows Live Movie Maker.

Copyright. All rights to Matt J. Ward and Big Rig Records.

Film locations:

Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia
Terlingua, Texas, United States
Fort Davis, Texas, United States
El Paso, Texas, United States
South Highway 118, Jeff Davis County, Texas, United States
Hovey Road, Brewster County, Texas, United States
Dunnville, Kentucky, United States

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