Let’s Say We Did happily reminds of all things flannel, Big Muffs and youngsters paying dues to the ‘Youth. This 7-track album has some killer easy songs, and its straightforward songwriting style minus shoegazer ripping makes it an endearing choice of recent Nordic 90’s revival bands. This sound definitely had its time in the American indie underground — hoarse, mumbling vocals like Cap’n’Jazz or The Weakerthans, and heartfelt choruses (avoiding the evil “E” word) of early Jade Tree acts. I could probably list a million bands from this era off the top of my head — there’s definitely one for every American suburb — regardless, what I am getting to is the golden Teenage Fanclub rule: a good melody, is just a good melody, no matter how many or how few chords you use. Standout tracks, “It’s OK” opens with a somewhat familiar riff but sticks some teeth around the edges; “Straight back to you” opens with infectious guitar duelling that’d perfectly fit your favourite (fill in the blank) 90s TV series. “On the day” and “Blue skies” have a saintly sweetness long associated with maybe youthful romance or innocence. Not a poor pop-pleaser for those with a weakness for guitar-music, easier on the ear then overproduced frilly, mathcore hits dominating the charts, at least.

Ann Sung-an Lee

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