Artists Heather and Ivan Morison bring together a collected body of work, incorporating a range of shelters and escape vehicles in a narrative that is part science fiction, part history, part autobiography, part fairytale. Falling Into Place tells of a world after an unspecified but high-impact event that has displaced people and caused those who survived to reassess how to live their lives from then on. Referencing a dystopian poignant wake-up call, bound in an engrossing novella that offers an extraordinary insight into a rich and intriguing artistic practice. Palaver’s first novel production features a full cast of narrators, anchored by the pocket drama contained within Jonathan Hack’s delivery.

Kit’s fully original score is dense with layers of bowed Indian harp, droning harmonica, resonant Tibetan bowls, guitar and choral voice. Playing alongside each of the novel’s parallel story lines, his Eastern-influenced instrumental miniatures bring out all of the subtle lifts and dives hidden beneath the narrative.

Digital Audiobook | Published in December 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9885491-4-2

Published in print by Book Works and Situations in 2009.

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