By recording most of the material on the on “Such A Shame” live the band wanted to create something homogeneous, laid-back but still sincere. Soft, less crooked and awkward than their previous work.

The result is twelve minutes of the best kind of indie pop from a hopelessly overlooked band. Continue reading

Divinely vintage vocals, honeyed harmonies and charming tales are what make up the second full length release from Melbourne’s Susy Blue. Inspired by Susy’s love of 60’s pop, early rock n roll, nouveau-folk and everything in between. Continue reading

Naomi Keyte’s debut album Edge of Morning transforms the melodic vocal and guitar loops of her live show into complex and powerful arrangements. With influences like Beach House, Blonde Redhead, Patrick Watson and Daughter, there are hints of both dark and light in this breed of electric folk. Continue reading

A sassy upbeat number with a baritone sax that’s hard not to want to dance to. Straight to the point, this tongue in cheek track will have women everywhere singing to their husbands, boyfriends and lovers. Continue reading

This EP centers around the A-side’s “Let The Flies In”, which is Sontag Shogun’s single culled from their forthcoming full length LP, Tale. LTFI is supported by a reworked studio version of the previously released “Paper Canes” (off Absent Warrior, Abandoned Battlefield), “Hungarian Wheat”, by now a SS repertoire mainstay and culminates with “Gekheid Op Een Stokje” (Dutch, meaning “all jokes aside..” or literally “madness on a stick”). Continue reading

Vintage vocals and smooth as honey harmonies; Wish in My Dish is the newest release from Melbourne outfit Susy Blue. Sing-a-long and catchy, Wish in My Dish effortlessly combines Susy’s love for calypso, 60’s pop, whimsy and quirk. Continue reading