Voodoo Ritual is a battering ram of sludgy, Stooges-hinting walls of distortion. It’s also the first release on newly-formed label Lazy Octopus. Continue reading

Battle of Flowers are an Adelaide based duo playing a dark, steely and evocative blend of the darker elements of indie rock and alternative country. Continue reading

With her new album Jessamine, Juliet has come back from the wilderness to once again charm and delight her audience. Continue reading

Segundo is an epic, sprawling, largely improvised and yet focused instrumental post-rock album; fully formed and complex. It vibrates themes of urban aggression, the inherent destructive nature of capitalism and the beautiful, yet tragic imagery associated with human isolation. Continue reading

When Julia Gillard said in parliament that Christopher Pyne was “mincing” and a “poodle”, the name stuck. Julia Gillard was a lawyer and has an extensive vocabulary. The word mincing has nothing to do with mince meat. It means someone who adopts elegant airs. Chris Pyne comes across as a poncy and smarmy. That’s the name explained, but it’s not what the song is really about. Continue reading

Fiery alt-pop quartet Miss Elm have been busy making sweet, sweet music. Following two previous music releases, hundreds of gigs, and many magical hours spent in the studio, the group is now poised to drop their Hybrid EP right onto your ear-drums (and perhaps into your heart).

Miss Elm invite you to leave your notions of genre at the door, and step into a space where melodica and crunchy synthesisers make perfect bedfellows. Welcome to ‘Hybrid’. Continue reading