Sontag Shogun is proud to release this very special live recording documenting an unforgettable evening in New York City in April 2015.

The trio performs an entire longform set of brand new material, fresh off their Spring Tour in Japan, in support of Hauschka. Listeners are treated to everything that makes Sontag Shogun’s music such an incredible live experience. Continue reading

Looped Alphabet is an absurdist drama, depicting an enclosed pseudo world and the idea of continuous presence in the flow of information. The story unravels in Sharing space where communication devices are staged as architectural elements of the fictional interior. Continue reading

Anchors & Weights creates a sound that could be best described as distorted, psychedelic, spacey and rock-infused, all accompanied by lead singer Jessica’s brilliant classic rock vocal. With great musicality, heavy guitars and insightful lyrics; Anchors & Weights is a reflection of the bands combined talent Continue reading

The debut EP from wildsilences is about the alter, the other side, the parts where love and whispers and echoes and sparks reside.

Continue reading

Stockholm based Let’s Say We Did is back with a new track called ”Sometimes Every Second Is A Dream”. The song kicks off in the simple and reclined soundscape that moulded the bands latest EP ”Such A Shame” from last year. It’s a straight forward and classic pop song dressed in a country suit, trying to express a feeling of hope and warmth. Continue reading

Like moonshine made from intrusive pop decadence and dark distant echoes from space. The Presolar Sands started making music 2014 and draws influence from bands like The Stooges, Spacemen 3, Asteroid #4, to name a few. Continue reading